Football Today

We have come a long way from the days of the gentle thud of the newspaper dropping through the letter box first thing of a morning to impart the latest news and results from the previous evening. While old-style outlets such as newspapers and radio have taken the opportunity to provide extensive online sports coverage, online betting sites not only provide at least as good a service, but also offer fans and punters alike the offer of a one-stop option to keep themselves up-to-date and have a flutter on their favourite team.

Traditional bookmakers have woken up to the fact that football today is a round the clock industry. Fans no longer have the patience to wait for a whole week to see a football game. If there isn’t anything exciting happening in England on one particularly evening, they are prepared to turn in increasing numbers to continental matches in Spain, Italy and Germany to get their football fix.

Not only are many online sports betting sites providing fans with Opta Facts regarding the sports they cover, they are also increasingly moving in to social media such as Twitter as well as providing supplementary services. For instance William Hill now has its own free to view live streaming of major sporting events for minimum deposit. Fans can follow the action and place a bet at the same time. Even whilst driving fans have the option of a Live In-Play radio service that provides saturation coverage of live footballing events.